[Open_electroporator] promoting culture shock progress

John Griessen john at cibolo.com
Thu Jun 8 22:40:59 UTC 2017

https://blog.kitmatic.com/ is turned on, not finished out all the way by far.

I'll be adding a selling storefront using shopify buy forms to handle credit cards
and ACH transfers of shopping money, but that's a little way off...  That only costs $9/month.

There will be some at www.kitmatic.com/images and when the shop is installed it will be at shop.kitmatic.com
and all of this will be getting filled out and will change a lot in the next weeks.  I'll be getting
the ghost blog to serve as a landing page with photos.  Or maybe www.kitmatic.com will be a landing page,
and blog.kitmatic.com will be a newsy blog.  Finding out as I study this stuff.

John Griessen

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