[Open_electroporator] pyflex_f401 v0.6 prototype #2 turn on -- USB mass storage problems

Nathan McCorkle nmz787 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 18:09:46 UTC 2018

Can you give steps to reproduce? I've said in the past, I've not
experienced using the usb mass storage as affecting much in a negative way
aside from running out of space due to the recycle bin hidden files.

I will note that calling pulse() at the end of reset (I think hard or soft)
never successfully worked for me (to initiate a pulse train right, i.e.
after plugging in)... I had to manually call pulse() from the REPL (didn't
try calling based on say an external button push).

Maybe that issue is somehow related to what you're seeing. Is there
something in pulse() we need to call once after reset, outside of the
pulse() function?

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018, 10:51 AM John Griessen <john at cibolo.com> wrote:

> On 08/04/2018 12:44 PM, John Griessen wrote:
> > Now I can get into a good startup state from soft reset, but after a
> hard reset,
> > a soft reset is still needed.  After a good while, when the USB mass
> storage behavior starts, the port A GPIOs
> > go bad again.
> -->
> A good while after hard reset, when the USB mass storage behavior starts,
> the port A GPIOs
> go bad again, and a soft reset is needed again.
> So if running fine and give a hard reset, culture shock goes into a state
> where high current is drawn
> because the push signal is always on.  I need a work around for this.
> I guess it means detecting from the running program if USB mass storage is
> doing something and waiting until then
> to the setup chores and get the staye right with a
> timers_init()
> command.
> Otherwise, I need to debug why  USB mass storage does this and get it
> fixed by the micropython devs, or stop using
> USB mass storage, which is what some of the practical devs of micropython
> apps do
> It's just cost me days of no progress again and might make me tear my hair
> if I had more of it :-)
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