[Open_electroporator] pyflex_f401 v0.6 prototype #2 turn on -- USB mass storage problems

John Griessen john at cibolo.com
Tue Aug 7 22:06:45 UTC 2018

The v0.6 hardware is working well now to make sharply defined pulses to drive the pulse transformer hard.
A side effect of that is some inductor current shut off shoot up and ringing.  I don't have an easy way
to add the needed snubber R C and diode, but can probably solder on R and C values to decrease it.
I'm thinking of sending it as is or with an RC snubber fix so Nathan can test it.  Next revision will have
R, C, D, positions for push and pull so snubbing can be empirically optimized.

Otherwise the high volts are good, and I will make a box for it and send out.

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