[Open_electroporator] pyflex_f401 v0.6 prototype #2 turn on -- USB mass storage problems

John Griessen john at cibolo.com
Tue Aug 14 14:25:53 UTC 2018

https://github.com/jgriessen/PYFLEX_F401  has been updated and now does not use UART2, so no conflict with PA2.

This might be something to change back, and allow a serial port again.  The use of PA2 was only done as
a work around when a prototype PA0 was shorted by solder blob, then left that way for the next revision, no other reason.

Will test soon for USB mass storage problems and maybe they are gone with
the fixes already done where init steps that upset GPIOs are done early, then GPIOs set properly.
The recent trouble with PA2 state changing was because the MCU was trying serial ports after no response on USB port,
so the serial port (PA2, PA3), was changed then.

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