[Open_electroporator] culture shock v0.7 testing

John Griessen john at cibolo.com
Tue Aug 21 17:30:23 UTC 2018

On 08/21/2018 11:20 AM, Nathan McCorkle wrote:
> as is, I can upload Python and reset without touching the unit all from the serial terminal and saving via mass-storage. Super 
> easy for me (ctrl-s to save, alt-tab to switch from editor to terminal, ctrl-d to soft-reboot).

OK, but be aware that letting it have some delay may save you some minutes if it garbles data from a collision.

 > I don't care about using storage while the machine is 'working', I just don't want sporadic pulses routed toward the coil.
 > I can understand going forward though we don't want to allow a bad situation for users to lock up the MCU or cause unexpected
 > behavior.

If you just plugged it in, it got into a state where the PA2 got reset to be serial port.  But now you have the update to the 
platform that takes that serial port out, so no trouble there.  We may want that port for a radio some day soon...and go back to 
using PA2 PA3 for a serial port for a radio.  Radio connection for lab data logging/downloading will keep all HV danger away from
the customer's laptop or phone by lots of air distance.  That's good for business, so planning on that is good now.
The UFQFPN48 package is working OK for soldering by hand, and I just changed the footprint
to take out some solder paste and it will work better even.
When done by a decent fab, it will be 99.9% good.

 >     Did you try holding the boot0 button, then press/release reset button?
 >     That might have same effect as power on/off.
 >     The boot0  DFU button has to be down at reset, not just pushed/released before reset.

Did you confirm the above Just-a-theory?

 >     the prototype I sent you is pyflex v0.6 serial 2.  Serial 1 had bad soldering not working
 > Is serial used? Is that what the signal-active USB connection is running off of? From mpboardconfig.h it seemed all serial was
 > turned off.

serial was meaning serial number 2.


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